FREE Golf GPS Range Finder

Swing by Swing has been able to harness wireless and GPS technology, to bring you a FREE GPS Golf Range Finder that gives you reliable distance-to-green accuracy right on your mobile phone. No more searching for yardage markers, and no more guessing your distance.Swing by Swing Hole Screenshot

We all understand the importance of knowing how far you are from the pin. Five yards can be the distance between one club or another… and using the right club for a shot often determines your score on a hole.

This is the main reason GPS golf range finding devices are so popular. Normally, these devices come with a hefty price tag. Not anymore…. Swing by Swing is 100% FREE – and every bit as good!

GPS Range Finder
Next time you’re on the golf course, you can use your mobile phone to see a satellite photo of the obstacles in your way, the green, and exact distances to everything. Your location is always shown at the bottom of the screen, and the green is always at the top.Simply touch the screen to view the distance from to the selected point. You’ll also see the distance from that point to the green. This information helps you make smart club decisions.It works no matter where you play, and automatically switches between holes as you move around the course.Now you can be the coolest kid on the playground, without carrying around an extra gadget, and without paying out the arse every month!
Install Swing by Swing on your Blackberry, iPhone or Android today – and gain the upper hand over your buddies next time you hit the links.  DOWNLOAD BELOW.

Quick Facts:

Easy to Use  Easy to use
Extremely accurate  Extremely accurate

Click here to see the full Medinah Country Club (3 Course) profile
Brought to you by Swing by Swing Golf, the Free GPS Range Finder
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